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A Green Thought In A Green Space

On LiveJournal, Mywitch has created an Advent Calendar of fanart delicious enough to warm the cockles of every heart. She took our requests, and gave us a daily delight of incredible art, full of joy, silliness, poignancy, cheer and love. She is so immensely talented. When I whispered in her ear MY request, she said, “Why don’t you write the fic, and I’ll illustrate?”

It was too much fun to pass up. And this is what happened.

A special thanks to the Queen of Betas, Stgulik, for making this story better because that’s what she does so wonderfully well. Also, thank you to Mywitch, for being such a beautiful, talented friend, who encouraged me to write this. You are so incredibly gifted and generous and talented, and I’m honored to be your friend.

The title comes from the TV series The Tudors. I don’t remember the context; I just liked the way it sounded.


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2014-08-11 A First Time – If It Had Been Planned, Which It Hadn’t

Title: A First Time – If It Had Been Planned, Which It Hadn’t – A Gift in honour of LJ’s Akatnamedeaster’s birthday
Rating: So NC-17 it’s blushing
Length: 1,233
Warning: Explicit sexual content, fingering, oral, hand jobs, angst, total denial of attraction. I don’t write slash very often and it shows. Read for content! Un-beta’d because Jules is on holiday and I wanted to knock this out on Kat’s birthday. I do not own these characters and make no money blah blah blah
Summary: It probably shouldn’t be this way, not that Severus has ever given it any thought one way or another which he most certainly has not

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