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2013-10-31 The Sin Eater; Halloween Challenge

I’m always delighted when my Muse gives me something like this, especially on Halloween. It’s so out of the realm of his remit that I know he is indulging some very dark side of me. This is NOT a story for the faint of heart. It is a deep, dark, awful tale dredged from the bottom of my black soul. It all began with a question, or rather, a series of questions that came to me while perusing Wal-mart, as scary a place as anyone would ever want to go:

What happens when a Dementor kisses a wizard who has split his soul with murder? Does the Dementor become his Horcrux? Is the Dementor drained by it? And scarily of all – does the wizard become a kind of Dementor himself?

I suppose I will never know, and neither will Hermione Granger. Happy Halloween, my friends.

Title: The Sin Eater
Challenge(s): Who knows? Blood, Snape’s Horcrux, Dementor
Team: Death Eaters, DUH
Length: 100 X 18
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Every one in the book. Creepy!Evil!Severus, Suicidal!Hermione, Major character death, dub-con, necrophilia (if you squint), murder, mayhem, lions and tigers and bears, oh my…
A/N: I do not own these characters and after this fic, I’m sure they are profoundly grateful for that fact.

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