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2016-05-04 Preparation; Formal Robes Challenge

Title: Preparation
Challenge: Formal Robes
Team: Death Eaters
Length: 100
Rating: G
A/N: The characters do not belong to me. The mistakes do. For stgulik.

It was long and narrow. Without the life force to fill it, there was nothing imposing about it. Emptied of its owner, it carried no intimidation, no personality.

Hermione laid the robe on the bed, face up, and smoothed the wrinkles from the fine fabric. Absently, she stroked the velvet cuffs, ran her fingers over the long line of buttons.

The first tear dropped on the arm, and disappeared into the magic fibres. She vanished the blood and venom from the collar, and repaired the shoulder.

He would never want to be seen in anything less than his best.

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Facebook Fanfiction Writer’s 100-Word Challenge – Day Twenty-three: A Fool Looking For Logic

Day Twenty-three: “It’s a fool that looks for logic in the chamber of the heart”
Title: Futility
Team: Death Eaters
Challenge: Lily, Time For A Change Challenge
Length: 100
Rating: PG

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2015-02-10 Every Saint Is An Accident (Severus Snape/Petunia Evans Dursley) NC-17

From the LiveJournal Severus_Fest 2015.

Title: Every Saint Is An Accident
Pairing(s)/character(s): Severus Snape/Petunia Evans Dursley
Word count: 13,641
Summary: This is the story of unrequited love, and requited lust. I will leave it up to you to decide which is which.
Warnings: explicit sexual content, character death
Disclaimer: Normal disclaimer applies
A/N: Dear prompter – thank you for such a great prompt! I hope I was able to give you what you wanted. Many thanks to my beta, Stgulik, for encouraging me not to give up, for cheerleading and incredible editing work at extremely short notice. Also a huge genuflection to the Mods for their patience and for hosting the fest. Title is from Randall Bramlett’s song – The Bright Spots Album.

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2015-01-28 The Game Changes; Birthday Gift for Droxy, Epitaph, The Trouble With Harry Challenges

Dear droxy, last week I stumbled across an old drabble series I started, and I thought, “Hmm, I really ought to try and finish this.” This morning, while pondering your birthday gift, I thought this might just be the ticket.

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Lay Me Low – Part Four


Part Three

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Lay Me Low – Part Three


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Lay Me Low – Part Two


Part One Read the rest of this entry »


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