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2012-12-01 Extremeties: Comfort and Joy Challenge

Challenge: Comfort and Joy Challenge
Team: DEs
Title: Extremities
Rating: G
Length: 100
A/N: Just some little warm up exercises before I tackle the hard stuff. This is fluffity fluff fluff, fluffity fluff fluff, look at that Frosty go…

He starts with the extremities; given his personality and temperament, no surprise there. Nor is the thoroughness and scholarship he brings to the task. The concentration of application is so engrossing, for a moment Snape seems to forget Hermione is at the other end of the appendages he attends with his characteristic, abrasive intensity.

“Better?” he asks irritably. He will not be pleased if his efforts are found less than satisfactory.

She nods. He holds on seconds longer than necessary before withdrawing. She seizes the perfect opportunity.

“My turn.” She smiles, captures his cold hands, and warms them with hers.

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