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2011-09-13 Wasted Time: At The Veil Challenge

Title: Wasted Time
Team: DE
Challenge: At The Veil (I’m catching up on old ones)
Length: 100
Starring: SS/HG
Rating: G
Summary: Just because sometimes it needs to be said.

A/N: Own nothing.

“There are times I love you so much I’m convinced I’ve known you for several lifetimes.”

She looked at him with a mixture of love and sorrow. “And yet this one has been so short, and so full of pain.” She took his hand. “I don’t regret a moment of it, Severus.”

Her husband looked up at her from his bed, his frail hand in hers. “I wasted years on foolish decisions, wrong choices and pointless infatuation.” He tried to smile through the pain.

“But know this. Not one moment, not one second of time spent with you was wasted.”


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