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2013-02-20 Time In A Bottle Challenge

Title: Time Is A Bottle
Challenge: Time In A Bottle
Length: 100
Rating: G
Team: Death Eater Cookie Platoon
A/N: No money made. I am physically incapable of doing a challenge properly. But I do like the song Time In A Bottle.

They are old now, as fragile as spun glass. To the world, they’re called legends, which makes Severus scoff and Hermione laugh. To friends and family, they are like living works of art—the art of daily magic.

They are living, breathing monuments to the Golden Age of the Wizarding world. So they say.

But when alone, she places her tiny hand in his, and they remember: a time when they were young, and powerful, and understood how fragile the world was, and how they had saved and mended it with daily magic.

They are spun glass, delicate and eternal.

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