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Thoughts on Inspiration

Thoughts on Inspiration

A group of my LiveJournal friends did an impromptu ‘Ask Me Anything’ day last week. One of my friends asked me, “What words of inspiration would you share with the world?”

What I would share with the world is this:

We are all born on this earth to create. We needed a God to look up to, so we created one. We needed to capture the beauty around us, so we created art. We needed to preserve the thoughts and feelings in our hearts, so we created writing.

Creation is our birthright – it’s what defines us. And it is different in each person – we all have different creative talents. We are born with them; we can nurture them and hone them, but they are gifts – and gifts are meant to be shared. When you create, you bring something completely new into the world.

And when you do, be it art or writing or food or whatever, it needs to be shared. When you share your creativity, you then inspire. And inspiration is the greatest gift we can give to another person. What we create isn’t truly our legacy; it’s  that inspiration, passed from one to another like a wildfire, that we will be remembered.

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2015-01-03 Dreamwidth Fandom Snowflake Challenge – Day 03

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 3

In your own space, talk about your creative process – from what inspires you to what motivates you to how you manage to break through blocks. Does your process change depending on the type of creating you’re doing? Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

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