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2013-03-01 Dungeness; By The Sea Challenge

Title: Dungeness
Challenge: By The Sea
Rating: Soft R
Team: Death Eaters
Length: 10 X 100
A/N: No money, no beta, blah blah blah. For those interested, you can find out all about Dungeness from our good friend W.K. Pedia

There is a place in Kent called Dungeness. It is a bleak little spit of shingle on the coast, where two dying nuclear power stations lived. It is quiet and dull and harsh, and even on pleasant days, there is something ominous about it, as if Dungeness is holding its breath, waiting for catastrophe to strike.

Visitors come because it is a curiosity; but once there, they are filled with a sense of urgency to leave, as if the malignant power that pushes the turbines can somehow reach out, and turn living flesh to decay, and joy to helpless sorrow.

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