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I am a writer, a submissive, a servant of my Muse. I love creativity, and want to inspire and encourage everyone around me to create, whether it be writing, art, music, crafts, cooking...Creating is our birthright.

2018-06-10 When Desire Is All That Is Left; A Death Eater’s Desire Challenge

Title: When Desire Is All That Is Left
Challenge: A death eater’s desire
Team Death Eaters
Rating: PG
Length: 100 x2
Characters: Snape, Granger
Synopsis: Near the end, Severus Snape ponders the loss of everything he had once fought so hard to achieve.

I’m pretty sure my drabble chops are more than a little flabby, but I was so inspired from stgulik‘s drabble series that I wanted to give it a try.


I remember desire.

It was a burning thirst, a voracious hunger in the belly of my youth, spreading in so many different directions it could never be satisfied. Power, women, magic, vanity; proffered to me in the Dark Lord’s tempting banquet of seduction, and I feasted until I was bloated, sickened with it.

Now, as I walk through these halls, and feel the hatred of every pair of eyes that settle on my restless form, it’s hard to conjure up even the faintest trace of the petty ambitions that brought me to this pass.

What do you desire now, Severus?


Somewhere, behind layers of protective love and bloody-minded determination, Potter is hiding. From me. He and Voldemort are the bookends of my life, and between them, a brilliant little witch, daring and clever, stands, ready to defend her friend to the death.

I once promised to die for the Dark Lord, and I probably will. But have I ever truly had the will, the courage, to die for what I love?


But Hermione does.

Oh, to be protected and loved by such a brave heart. Perhaps, in the end, this is the only worthy desire I will ever have.

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Boscobel Books – Let Me Tell You A Story…

I would love for you to check out our new website at Boscobel Books. Click here to access all areas!

Website Home Page

All the information you need is posted there, including blogs, links, and ‘Case Files’ from The Agency!

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The Perfect Menage A Trois!

Don’t the best things come in threes? Now, in addition to the printed and e-book formats, Her Minder Book One: The Doctor, is available as an unabridged audio book through!

Read by the incomparable Evan Harris, this Audio book is completed unabridged and flawlessly brought to life by this talented actor, podcaster and reader.

Her Minder Audible Book Cover

When a fact-finding mission goes wrong, Special Agent Sydney Chapin is thrown into prison behind enemy lines. There, she encounters The Doctor, a mysterious physician who wields both drugs and seduction to entice her into revealing her mission.

After a harrowing rescue, Sydney returns to England, where The Agency has decided to award her a Minder: a vetted envoy responsible for meeting all the needs of their charges. As the first female agent to receive such an honour, Sydney has no intention of turning it down—until she discovers Her Minder is none other than her chief tormentor, The Doctor.

As the lure of an old case resurfaces, Sydney quickly learns there is much more to Dr Dahlra Gar than meets the eye. Together, their journey will take them from the manor of England’s most famous Dominatrix to the underground lair of Elwess Talbert, a compelling, sensual Dominant, who has his own hidden agenda where Sydney is concerned.

Enthralling, erotic and addictive, Her Minder will draw you into a world of Dominance and submission, espionage and suspense, trust and redemption.

​Teddy Raye has written over 250 essays, short stories and novels. The Doctor is the first of her three-novel series, Her Minder. Drawing from her life in London, and assisted by her husband Trev, who spent over twenty-five years with Scotland Yard. Her heroine, Sydney Chapin, will become YOUR heroine.

Her Minder – Book One: The Doctor, is now available in both e-book and print versions at and as an audio book on

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When she grew up, she avoided photos like the plague.

I think it was because she knew photos never truly caught her. You know how some people, photogenic people, look just like themselves in every photo? They’re full of life and look natural and easy. Like the photo is the best of them, the sum total of what and who they are.

She wasn’t like that. She always looked stiff and self-conscious in them, like they were some kind of identification or evidence she didn’t want circulated. Photos of her looked like the stuff she had left behind, like potato peelings, or wood shavings. The stuff that was unnecessary to the task at hand. The stuff ultimately thrown out with the other garbage.

She said she wanted to be remembered in 3-D; moving about, talking, laughing, singing, laughing, crying.

It was hard enough to get to know her in real life; in photos, she almost wasn’t there. In every picture, even the not-half-bad ones, she looked blurry, dead-eyed, uninteresting. That was really it, wasn’t it? Photos made her look dull and unremarkable – a person you probably wouldn’t care to know.

Photos, she said, were proof you had been here. Photos told a story; photos remembered. All she would leave behind were words, a voice, a song. They would have to tell her story.

She was only passing through. In time, no one would remember what she looked like.

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2017-03-09 Bertie Botts Every Flavour Hero; Soup of the Day Challenge

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January 14

Surely, wherever you are, you must feel us. Those who loved you in secret, never wanting to call attention to our devotion. Those who watched your every move and dreamed of your voice in low times and high times, and imagined you as a friend, and liked what we saw.

Surely you must feel us, our thoughts, our grief, our tears, shed equally in secret. They must rise up to wherever you are, like incense on a gentle breeze, buoyed up by all the love they ride upon like a magic carpet.

I see you riding them like a quiet wave, with a smile on your face, both surprised and delighted, happy and content and

You will ride a little higher today.


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A Spell Moste Potente

For the 2016 HP_Halloween Fest

Gift for: hbart
Title: A Spell Moste Potente
Pairing: Severus Snape/Hermione Granger
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my circus, not my monkeys.
Summary: Because, at Halloween, the magic was always a little stronger, and her desire was always a little deeper.
Notes: Special thanks to stgulik, who is the greatest beta alive. Her special touch, including the title, always manage to take my work to a level I could never achieve on my own. And to hbart, it was an honour writing for you. I truly hope you enjoy my little story of things that go bump in the night.

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