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January 14

Surely, wherever you are, you must feel us. Those who loved you in secret, never wanting to call attention to our devotion. Those who watched your every move and dreamed of your voice in low times and high times, and imagined you as a friend, and liked what we saw.

Surely you must feel us, our thoughts, our grief, our tears, shed equally in secret. They must rise up to wherever you are, like incense on a gentle breeze, buoyed up by all the love they ride upon like a magic carpet.

I see you riding them like a quiet wave, with a smile on your face, both surprised and delighted, happy and content and

You will ride a little higher today.


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Sometimes I Wish I Could Fall Asleep

Sometimes I wish I could fall asleep and not wake up

Just open my eyes and be in that new, old place with you.

And I wouldn’t feel so ill-made, so badly kempt,

I would not feel this faltering heart struggling to beat


All I would feel is the peace of knowing I was where I never should have left.

That soft heart that is you and me

I could seal that wound that separated us, and never rend it again.

All I can hope is that when I fall asleep and don’t wake up


I will be where I think I’m going.

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