2016-12-26 The Frozen Tower; Ice Castles Challenge

26 Dec

Title: The Frozen Tower
Team: Death Eaters
Challenge: Ice Castles
Length: 2 X 100
Rating: G
A/N: For all my SSHG friends – I wish you a happy new year. Usual disclaimers apply.

The air at the top of the Tower hurt to breathe; it stung his face and made his eyes water. It was heavy with the white mist of his own breath, and the nostalgic melancholy of the season. He came here as penance. Since the world apparently was determined to exonerate his deeds, Severus long ago decided that he would not.

As time passed, the Tower became the embodiment of his isolation and his reclamation. Standing on its crenellated battlements, he accepted his role as Headmaster, defender of Hogwarts. A Prince locked frozen in a prison of his own making.

Below, he heard shouts and laughter. His faculty, along with the few students staying over, were playing in the snow. Hooch and Pomona lead teams in a fierce snowball fight. Filius and Hagrid were demonstrating their snowman-making skills.

And there she was, Professor Hermione Granger, stretched out on the snow-covered ground, waving her arms and legs back and forth, like a lazy swimmer, creating an angel in the snow. Had he ever played so innocently?

She smiled just for him; her laughter reached even this high tower. Suddenly, the warmth of Spring no longer seemed so very far away

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