Facebook Fanfiction Writer’s 100-Word Challenge – Day Sixteen: Itch

01 Nov

Day Sixteen: Itch
Title: I’ll Stand Still, And You Move Until I Hit The Spot
Team: Death Eaters
Challenge: This Is Madness, Undone Challenge
Length: 100
Rating: R

Oh, yes. It’s all there in her face. Flushed cheeks, dark, drugged eyes, that tiny tip of pink tongue, darting out to moisten that perfect, plump lower lip.

She frowns at me, and her expression is full of things another man might call pain, or frustration, or even anger.

I know better.

That look is full of longing, of desire, and it is for me. Alone.

There is a sweet heat inside her, a maddening, unquenchable itch only I know how to properly scratch.

Oh, my dear Hermione, should I make you beg? Should I make you plead for mercy?


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