Facebook Fanfiction Writer’s 100-Word Challenge – Day Nineteen: Kafka Quote

01 Nov

Day Nineteen: “You are free, and that is why you are lost.” (Kafka)
Title: The Scales
Team: Death Eaters
Challenge: At The Veil Challenge
Length: 100
Rating: PG

He has wanted a great many things in life, yet at the end, his hands are empty. He had always thought death would be like balancing the scales; all that was good and bad would line up on either end, and slide away as the ends seesawed back and forth, until only emptiness remained.

Surviving had not been up for consideration on either end.

Looking out into a false summer sun, Severus wonders if he should be grateful to the Granger girl for coming back and saving his life. He also wonders if he should kill her for her kindness.


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