Fanfiction Writer’s Club 100-Word Drabble Challenge – Day Three: Moist

19 Aug

Day Three: Moist
Title: Guilty Pleasures
Team: Death Eaters
Challenge: Guilty Pleasures Challenge
Length: 100
Rating: PG

It was a soft moan, for her ears alone.

Good, Severus Snape. You’re exactly where I want you.

“More?” she asked, leaning closer.

“Always, pet,” he purred.

“Say please.”

He favoured her with a slow, sensual smile the serpent in the Garden would have been proud of. “Make me.”

Looking at Severus, his graceful wrists tied with red silk, his eyes covered with a leather blindfold, Hermione smiled. Sometimes making him behave was extremely beneficial to both parties.

“Open up,” she whispered.

His lips closed around the fork. “You make the best cake,” he moaned, licking chocolate from his lips.


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