2015-02-23 The Inevitable Storm; Storm Front Challenge

23 Feb

Title: The Inevitable Storm
Challenge: Storm Front
Team: DEs
Length: 3 X 100
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Something had to give…
A/N: Poem-y, purple-prosey thing, unbeta’d. I was trying to write the three movements of a storm. I’m not sure it worked.

Something had to give.

For too long, this, whatever it was, had brewed between them, dark and humid and waiting. Hermione knew she was out of her depth with Severus Snape, but that didn’t dispel this feeling of impending…


For two years they had danced this tango of tension and frustration with one another. Resentment to grudging respect to puzzlement to suppression to this. This watchful, simmering, spiraling thing between them. And her only consolation was that he seemed equally as puzzled, as frustrated, as resentful of this seething, boiling tightrope upon which they teetered.

Something had to give.

Did the storm bring him, or did it follow him?

This mad, angry passion that rubbed against them like static had been allowed to build for too long. She saw him, striding toward her, like a dark, welcomed spectre summoned on the wailing, swirling wind. The air crackled like a corona around him, and they collided with a sizzle of magic and lust that had no words beyond the ones that stuttered from their lips.

Hermione was out of her depth, yes. But she drowned no quicker, lost no more ground, gave up no more secrets than did her lover.

There is no tension greater than the approaching squall, no moment more eagerly anticipated than the deluge of the heavens. There is no victory sweeter than the taming of the tempest. Words are only so much noise. The gentle rain that follows carries more meaning than any words ever could.

They are creatures of habit. They know it is coming. They know something has to give. And when it comes, they meet it eagerly.

Peace can be found by giving in to the inevitable, frightening future. But what can be discovered about themselves each time they surrender to the storm?

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