2014-12-30 Father Time; Father Time Challenge

30 Dec

itle: Father Time, Part One
Challenge: Father Time (Dark Mod, am I going mad? I didn’t see a Father Time Challenge in the drop down)
Team: Death Eaters
Rating: G for Fluffy – I’m ending the year with a fluffy bang
Length: 100
A/N: Just trying to get in one last drabble before the New Year


It’s taken him three years.

Three years, two months, eighteen days, four hours and twenty-two minutes – give or take.

And he’s measured it all in seconds, in moments, in episodes, dramas and victories.

Severus Snape, for all of his many monikers good and bad, is a father now.

Hermione tells him on a daily basis he is a good one, but he doubts, oh, he doubts.

Then, he turns around one day and realises his daughter thinks he’s wonderful. She is calling him names of her own.

“Da”, and “Daddy”.

Father. Now, he is playing the role of his life.

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