2014-10-26 Rain; Rainy Halloween Challenge

26 Oct

Title: Rain
Challenge: Rainy Halloween Challenge
Team: Death Eaters
Length: 100 X 2 plus one
Rating: G
Notes: Usual Disclaimer applies. Last year for Halloween I wrote a gruesome fic called The Sin Eater. I think a lot of people tried to exorcise me afterward. I’m going to play nice this year. No beta has been harmed in the creation of this fic.

Halloween remains a landmark to Severus. In spite of all that has happened, after all he has seen, all he has experienced and survived. As he marches through the late months of the year, Halloween imperiously holds up its hand in an emphatic “STOP” and halts his progress, makes him look back.

He no longer needs to venture to Godric’s Hollow. He doesn’t have to; it is here, haunting his very thoughts.

The Halloween weather is dark, ominous. The sky is a purple bruise; rain falls incessantly. The warmest fire cannot take the chill from his quarters or his bones.

The knock on the door is cursory, and it opens almost before the last knock’s echo fades. Hermione. She knows without saying that this is a hard night for him, but she doesn’t make him lance this grisly story. She understands that it is a scar he will carry forever, even though the wound has faded.

He doesn’t have to talk. She takes him into her arms, and together they watch the rain fall, washing away Halloween like a chalk drawing on the pavement. The chill in the air finally warms; the soft witch at his side always heals, always understands.

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