Her Minder Vault Update

17 Jul
Her Minder Vault Update

From a dank South American prison, to the edgy underbelly of London’s fetish scene, Agent Sydney Chapin will learn lessons in Dominance, submission and obsession from the man who would risk everything, including his life, to serve as HER MINDER.

Within the British intel org known only as ‘The Agency,’ Sydney Chapin is the best of the best: cool, ruthless and efficient.  But when an undercover mission goes wrong, she is thrown into prison behind enemy lines and brutally tortured for information.

After a harrowing rescue, Sydney returns to England and a hero’s welcome. She is informed The Agency has awarded her a Minder, a special envoy responsible for meeting all emotional, practical and even physical needs of their charges. All needs.

It is an honour Sydney has no intention of turning down—until she meets the man who is to become her Minder. He is none other than The Doctor, the mysterious physician who had served as her chief torturer in prison. He is now revealed to be her rescuer, one of the good guys; a professional Minder who is prepared to bond himself to her for life.

Sydney soon learns there is much more to Dr. Dahlra Gar than meets the eye. Gradually, he wins her heart and leads her into the enthralling, erotic and addictive world of Dominance and submission, where she may indulge her most secret desires.

The lure of an old case proves too much for Sydney to ignore. Together, Sydney and Dahlra plunge into the depths of Europe’s premier BDSM community in order to stop a ruthless crime ring known as Operation Silverbirch. Their journey takes them from the cloistered manor of England’s most famous Dominatrix to the underground lair of Elwess Talbert, a darkly sensual Dominant. It soon becomes apparent that Master Elwess has his own hidden agenda where Sydney Chapin is concerned. What is his connection to Silverbirch? The answer to this question may cost Sydney her life.

Her Minder is the first of two novels. The second novel is fully written in its first draft. It is the continuing story of many of the characters encountered in Her Minder.

I am currently working on Chapter 31 of this 34 chapter novel. It has been an incredible journey from a 25 chapter erotic story to a fully-fledged novel. As each chapter is finished and polished to a shine by Pam, my editor, it is placed in a Cloud ‘Vault’. From there it sits until the last few chapters are completed, then it will be given a final edit before going to the publishers.

As of today, Thursday, July 17, 2014, there are 28 chapters in the vault. Chapters 29 and 30 are currently with the editor. As I complete each chapter, I like to remind myself where I am, as well as how far I have to go – it’s pretty thrilling to be able to say there are only 3 chapters left!


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