2011-07-11 All Philosophy Aside, What Do We Do Now? Angel of Death Challenge

17 Jul

Title: All Philosophy Aside, What Do We Do Now?
Challenge: Angel of Death, Afterlife
Length: 100 X 3
Rating: G
Team: Death Eater with Cookies
Summary: Two wizards walk into a bar…
Author’s Note: All characters belong to JKR. I just play with them and pinch their bottoms a bit when she’s not looking… Do I have to tell you I make no money from these words…No beta…. I like strawberry jam as opposed to lemon curd… doesn’t spit…swallows…5’5″… no distinguishing marks or scars…thinking about getting a tat…

She grinned, and she had not felt like grinning for a long, long time. They say when you’re healthy, you can’t remember how it feels to be unwell, and when you’re sick, you can’t remember how it felt to feel good.

She had been in the latter category so long she wasn’t sure the former existed.

She was not exactly afraid of death, just of the absence of life. It would be a pretty piss-poor thing to finally slip the bonds of this earthbound pain that had taken over her life, only to find herself bored out of her tits when she reached the other side.

It was warm, and golden. It reminded her of Tuscany, of October, of her own personal Autumn, before the pain settled in and took away every pleasure she’d enjoyed: the crunch of a crisp apple, the sweet ecstasy of the perfect orgasm; reading her favourite book for the tenth time.

He pretended not to know she was there, of course. He looked out on the landscape, a brooding Byronic hero. He had always known how to make an entrance; she had never, and would never, forget his exit.

It had nearly killed her too.

“It won’t be what you expected,” he said, not turning around. Snarky bastard, always wanting her to drink him in, before he deigned to acknowledge her.

“So I see,” she said, wryly. “Has the afterlife been that disappointing?”

“Somewhat, but I suspect it’s just about to get better.”

He turned to her, finally, all dark eyes and sardonic eyebrows. “You are part of it now.”

Her heart gave a little leap, as if recognizing a favourite song. He was glad to see her; he just had never bothered to learn how to show it.

Bored she would definitely NOT be.


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2 responses to “2011-07-11 All Philosophy Aside, What Do We Do Now? Angel of Death Challenge

  1. Theresa Cullen

    December 16, 2015 at 1:43 am

    I’m not sure what I believe happens when we die, but I love your vision of what the afterlife might be. Just love it. Thank you

  2. Teddy Raye

    December 16, 2015 at 2:29 pm

    Thank you!


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